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Food is the foundation of health. Health depends on our choices. Our choices rely on our knowledge. Whether you join with a Freebie membership, or upgrade to an annual Foodie membership, you’ll find the information, inspiration, and motivation to make the best food choices for your health right here. Welcome to the Functional Foodie family! 


From rediscovering real food to how to recover from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to eating to beat stress and anxiety, you’ll find my 20 years of functional medicine knowledge and experience packaged up for you, putting learning and healing back into your hands.


My Foodie members get the best of everything, including a monthly health focus to expand your knowledge and help you help yourselves. More resources, more recipes, more deliciousness, and more health happiness!


My Freebie members benefit from lots of food and health advice, recipes and good things, including a joining gift – a brilliant place to start a real food journey of discovery.

I just feel as if I am really looking after my body now and love the new foods and recipes. I find for the first time in my life I actually enjoy shopping and cooking ! I do feel as if it is making a difference to the way I feel and after cancer invading my body. I’ve come to realise that good things come from bad experiences, otherwise I wouldn’t have met Jane.

I joined because as I have grown older my weight has gradually increased and nothing I seemed to do stopped the upward spiral of weight gain. It’s good to learn about foods and nutrition that will support me in mid life. The new recipes and food combinations are certainly helping to combat these things and I generally feel less stressed. The next step is to try and fit in more exercise! I love the lovely ladies in the group. I find it beneficial to be in an environment that is not based on how much weight you’ve lost but to learn about that which makes you more healthy – the weight loss becomes a secondary goal to a healthier diet.