Are you a health-conscious, busy person?

When you’re juggling demands, responsibilities, work, family, and more, and that’s even before you’ve thought about the most basic self care, thinking about food is probably last on your list!

I’m Jane, The Functional Foodie, and I’m passionate about helping people stay well in busy lives.

I’ve done more than train professionally, I’ve been through my own health crises triggered by prolonged, severe stress, recovered using the power of nutrition and real food, then gone on to be commissioned by the NHS, become an expert source for mainstream media, and win a UK Enterprise award for innovation in nutrition as a result of that passion to develop solutions for real food and real health in real life!

Here you’ll find top to toe solutions for your whole body and mind health.

You Can

I’m here to help you achieve your healthiest, happiest selves!

How I can help you...

Learning & Training

Learn how nutrition can optimise your health through One-to-One Sessions, Online Courses or our Cookery School. I’m here to help you achieve your healthiest, happiest selves!

Consult, Cook, Supplement

My driving passion is helping people make life changes. Big ones or small ones, it doesn’t matter – whether it’s overcoming a long term condition, recovering from illness, or rediscovering real health with real food, I aim to make the tools available.

Recipe & Resource Hub

Not just a recipe hub, these recipes tell you the benefits of cooking them. The tastiest ways to bring culinary medicine into your everyday life with something for everyone. All foods are superfoods, and every recipe is a supercharged combo of health big hitters!

What people say...

Who am I, and how can I help?

As a clinical nutritionist, nutritional therapist and a qualified teacher, educating about health and food, and sharing my love of local, seasonal produce are no surprise.

With a strong background of study in functional medicine and naturopathy to add to my professional nutrition training, my lifelong love of good food and cooking created a natural evolution into culinary medicine with a clinical foundation and a delicious edge!

Food is so many things, but the result is the same – our physical, mental, and to a large extent, emotional health depend on what, how and why we eat. The psychology of eating is as important as where we get our food, and how we prepare it.

If you’re experiencing signs or symptoms that you’re not happy with, that seem to be getting worse, your body (or your brain!) are talking to you. Many that I see are actively undernourished, even though they think they eat healthily.

Self diagnosing doesn’t help. Confusing and contradictory ‘advice’ from unqualified sources can lead you down all sorts of dead ends, because what is really needed is qualified information and advice, and in some cases, a trusted, professional set of eyes.

Whether it’s learning, cooking inspiration, quality supplements or 1-2-1 support, it’s all here!

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