Only suggestions . . . use your imagination!




Mid-morning snack


Mid-afternoon snack



2 scrambled eggs cooked in olive oil or a little organic unsalted butter, on wholemeal or rye toast. Scramble the eggs with a little spinach or have them with grilled tomatoes.

Sliced pepper (any colour) with hummus or cottage cheese. Mix chilli, spices or pesto with the cottage cheese if you find it a little bland.


Baked potato (spoon out some of the insides), with grilled or roasted chicken or fish, (smoked mackerel or trout from the supermarket, tinned tuna or salmon steak).   Have with a salad, steamed or roasted vegetables.






Apple, pear or a cup of berries with a small handful of nuts or seeds.

Stir-fry with lots of different coloured vegetables, add some strips of chicken, turkey, fish or tofu. Sprinkle on some seeds just before serving.


TuesdayPorridge with nuts, seeds, fresh fruit (chopped, grated or sliced), and yoghurt to top.


Sliced chicken or turkey breast dipped in mustard, pesto or hummus or smoked salmon with lemon


Soup (most supermarkets have a fresh organic range and Covent Garden soups are good, but check for high dairy content), with tuna salad; be creative, add avocado, green beans, peppers, spring onions, apple, chopped fresh herbs, cucumber chunks, cherry tomatoes, radishes, peas and dressing.A piece of fresh fruit and yoghurt (check the label for sugar contents)


Brown basmati rice (cook enough for lunch tomorrow), add any of the following you like – chickpeas, butterbeans, peas, onion, spinach or any vegetables you choose, pieces of grilled/roast chicken or tuna. Add herbs, spices and seasonings to taste.


WednesdayOrganic eggs and bacon (smoked salmon is an alternative) on wholemeal or wheat-free toast with a sliced tomato


Rice or oatcakes, or rye or gluten-free crackers with cottage cheese or hummus


Brown rice from last night with a piece of grilled/roast chicken, turkey or salmon, with a large leafy salad or steamed vegetables


Raw vegetable crudités, (cucumber, celery, courgette, pepper, carrot or any other that you fancy with hummus or avocado dip)


Grilled/poached or steamed white fish with lemon, olive oil and herbs, with a selection of steamed seasonal vegetables. Toss them in oil and/or tamari and add some sesame seeds.



ThursdayFruit smoothie (see ‘Healthy Breakfast Ideas’), add a handful of porridge oats if you prefer something a little more substantial, but this is very filling on its own. For an extra boost, add a spoonful of ‘green food’ (spirulina, chlorella, barley greens) or a protein powderBoiled egg (try with a little pesto), with some crudités


Soup with a piece of chicken or fish. Try adding some chickpeas or butter beans (organic sugar and salt-free varieties are available in tins). Have with a wholemeal roll or wheat-free bread and a little butter


An apple with cottage cheese or yoghurt and a sprinkling of seeds


Grilled lean meat (or fish) on a bed of steamed or roasted vegetables with dressing


FridayPorridge with nuts, cinnamon and chopped or grated appleA piece of fruit with yoghurt and seedsSardines on rye toast with large green salad drizzled with flaxseed oilSliced chicken or turkey breast dipped in mustard, pesto or hummus or smoked salmon with lemon


Casserole with beans and lentils, with tofu or chunks of lean meat. Serve with brown basmati rice or quinoa







Saturday2 sausages with 2 poached eggs on wholemeal toast or polenta


Yoghurt with berries and a handful of nuts


Wheat-free sandwich or wrap with hummus and roasted vegetables with an apple or pear


Sugar-free protein bar with a herbal tea


Chicken or turkey meatballs (or salmon steak) with tomato sauce, on a bed of brown basmati rice or quinoa and mixed salad or steamed vegetables, e.g. spinach, mange tout, peas


SundaySmoothie made with fruit, yogurt and greens or avocado. For an extra boost, add a spoonful of ‘green food’ (spirulina, chlorella, barley greens)

See below.

The rest of the day:                 

This is totally up to you, by now you will have a good idea of how to balance your foods, combining protein with carbohydrates.   Enjoy, make some time to relax and get an early night to set you up for the week ahead.





Remember to drink at least 1 – 1.5 litres of bottled or filtered water per day – more if the weather is hot or you are exercising. Try different herb/fruit teas and coffee substitutes.


To make salads, vegetables and potatoes a little more interesting: try adding extra virgin olive oil, Udo’s Choice Ultimate Blend Oil, Omega Essential Balance, pumpkin seed oil, sesame seed oil or make your own dressing by adding a little wholegrain mustard, cider or balsamic vinegar or lemon juice and fresh or dried herbs.


  • Also try adding (not all together, these are just suggestions), grated ginger, orange juice, anchovies, tamari (tastes like soya sauce), honey, paprika, capers and, of course, black pepper;
  • Avocado, pesto (many different varieties including sundried tomato), cottage cheese and hummus can make crackers and sandwiches more interesting.

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