Are your client solutions truly holistic?

The Functional Food Coaching training course is coming to London and Bristol in early 2019! Intakes are now open for applications from medical, complementary, fitness and mental health professionals who want to add diet and lifestyle assessment and solutions to their practice!


Health is holistic. As experts in our fields, we can go into all kinds of detail and great depth, supporting our clients in healing the particular issues that they have consulted us to address.

But what about the areas we know only a little about? The areas that we know they are struggling with, that are contributing to their problems, that would really help our clients to fast track their recovery, but that we are not qualified to deal with. Now the opportunity is here to add diet and lifestyle assessment and solutions to your own on boarding process.

My mission is to train mental health, complementary, medical and fitness professionals how to quickly and effectively assess their clients for food, specific nutrition and diet, encourage necessary changes in a nonintrusive way, and give clients the tools to easily make the changes they need to for optimal recovery and health.


You’ll learn how to assess how your client’s diet is contributing to their health issues, what other factors might be aggravating them, and how to suggest easily achievable changes. You’ll also learn how to recognise when a client does need further professional intervention to resolve root issues that will hold back their recovery or work with you.

You’ll train in physical and mental health targeted assessment and intervention to complement the arena that you practise in. Food, nutrition and diet are integral factors in both physical and mental health disruption, as evidenced in a growing body of research. It’s also common sense in its purest form – our bodies and brains, and all their processes and functions, are created and supported by what and how we eat.


This is the future of effective healthcare – a holistic approach, with our bodies’ nutritional needs and functional mechanics as the foundation that everything else is built on. It helps the body and brain to work and heal optimally, supporting physical, mental and psychological therapies by alleviating symptoms and niggles that act as roadblocks to full healing.

Being able to offer Functional Food Coaching is something that sets you apart from your peers, and truly gives you the ability to offer services that support the whole person.

With nearly 25 years of practice experience, a range of training, and specialist knowledge in mental health nutrition, weight management, food addictions, gut disorders, auto-immune conditions and cancer recovery, as well as being a qualified, experienced teacher, I’m uniquely placed to be able to train YOU in how to do what I do initially with clients.

Is this calling to you? Apply or get more information via the website page HERE or email me to organise an informal chat. The food revolution is here….