Beyond Breast Cancer: Feeding Recovery

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Jane Hutton
Jane Hutton
Jane Hutton is The Functional Foodie, with 20 years’ experience in the arenas of nutritional therapy, clinical nutrition, functional medicine, and food and environmental allergies. She is also a qualified teacher with 20 years of teaching experience.
Beyond Breast Cancer: Feeding Recovery

About this course

Find out how food supports your recovery from surgery and treatment, and which foods lessen the chance of a recurrence.

Research has clearly identified a number of foods that fight breast cancer processes, and boost the immune system - you'll find out what they are and how to incorporate them in your daily diet easily.

Having been through breast cancer myself, and helped clients through cancer recovery and treatment as a nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner, I can relate to how it feels: you want to do your best to support your body, and not want to feel the Big C hanging over your head!

This short course will arm you with the most relevant, researched knowledge, giving you the edge in the battle against cancer, and helping you feel stronger and more confident.

When you enrol on a Functional Foodie course, you have lifetime access to the course, and all updates or additions to the modules. You can also begin discussions, and interact with the community in my dedicated closed Facebook group. The first step in taking control of your health starts here!

Price: £33 (US $47 approx; AUD $68 approx)

Course Structure

  • Introduction
  • Immunity and Toxins
  • Sugar, Dairy and Gluten
  • Oestrogen and Progesterone
  • Cancer Food Fighters
  • Planning, Eating, Nourishing