The Real Food Reset

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Jane Hutton
Jane Hutton
Jane Hutton is The Functional Foodie, with 20 years’ experience in the arenas of nutritional therapy, clinical nutrition, functional medicine, and food and environmental allergies. She is also a qualified teacher with 20 years of teaching experience.
The Real Food Reset

About this course

Is your body trying to tell you something?

Revitalise your health! 
Re-energise your body! 
Reboot your lifestyle!

Your full-throttle approach to life demands a lot from your body, and sometimes it doesn’t want to play along. You’ve probably tried everything, yet still end up back where you started.

With the right food, your body can function efficiently, giving you stable energy levels, vibrant health and a glowing sense of well-being.

The Real Food Reboot is a health programme that takes a holistic approach to food. By balancing information about nutrition with lessons on the psychology behind our relationship with food, I can teach you how to re-programme your mind, avoid your old habits and embrace a new way of nourishing yourself (and enjoy it!)

The Kickstart Package includes:

Real Food Reboot kickstart pack:

– everything you need to get your new lifestyle started from Day 1:

a week’s eating plan, key recipes, a shopping list and a guide to the staple ingredients you should always have on hand, plus a load of recipes and meal ideas to kickstart your new regime. You will feel energised and motivated before you even start your first module of learning.

Know Your Nutrition:

– a 10 lesson video and pdf toolkit of nutrition education. Understand how what you eat affects you physically, mentally and emotionally. Learn what nutrients your body needs (and doesn’t need!) plus how to fuel it for optimum performance.

Understand Your Hungry Mind – Changing Minds: 

– a 10 session video and pdf exploration of the psychology of how and why we eat, covering issues like triggers, neuroplasticity, cravings, and reframing. Tackle your demons, and banish them for good.

Move Your Body:

– a 10 part easy exercise routine that can be done at home. Exercise is one of the crucial pillars of real health and is proven to boost mood, weight loss and productivity. This guide will show you how to exercise quickly and easily in a few minutes each day.

Real Food Reflections Journal resource:

– a journal is an effective way to record actions, thoughts and progress; an essential practice when changing ingrained habits. With the Real Food Reflections Journal you can keep track of the food you eat and symptoms you experience. You can also journal about your blocks, triggers and reflections throughout the programme.

Real Food Recipes Bonus:

– make establishing your new eating regime even more achievable with this extra collection of carefully chosen recipes. Selected for their supportive nutrition, easy execution and deliciousness these meals and snacks will launch you into a new way of preparing and eating nutritious food.

An exclusive Facebook community:

– when you sign up for The Real Food Reboot, you gain access to our exclusive Facebook group of like-minded souls, undergoing the same transformation. Pop in for support, share your experiences, ask questions and offer advice, any time of day or night. I’ll be in there to help too, so you’ll be able to get bonus insights from me in the group.

You’ll only pay a fraction of the true value of this programme, with access to all these features.

The cost of working one to one with me to cover everything packed into this comprehensive programme is over £3,500.

You have the chance to access 20 years of professional experience and personal expertise for only £170.

Are you ready to change your life?


Who is this programme for?

Everyone needs to feed their body and brain properly, but this programme is focused on busy people; people like me, juggling busy lives, inside and outside of work. It’s for people who are noticing health niggles, and who know that they should be eating better (for themselves and their children) It’s also for people who have mental and emotional obstacles to putting their wellbeing and health higher up on their priority list, or who struggle with a less than healthy relationship with food. Ultimately, it’s for people who know they need to change, but need support to make those changes.

I’m really busy – will it take me a lot of time?

I eat like this, as do many clients, and trust me, neither they nor I have masses of spare time! What we do have is an appreciation of the fact that, to be truly healthy, we need to eat real food. Real food needs to be prepared and cooked, yes, but the recipes are either quick and easy, or can be cooked in advance to be used for more than one meal. So, no, it doesn’t take a lot of time, just a little thought, and a change of habits.

Do I have to buy complicated ingredients?

The vast majority of the ingredients are just natural, everyday foods. There are recipes using alternative ingredients like almond flour for health reasons, but nothing is either difficult to get hold of or complicated to use.

Will it cost me more money?

Not one person has ever said they spent more money shopping, cooking and eating in this way – in fact, all have said they spent less on their food than before (significantly less in some cases) Buying processed, packaged foods, getting takeaways or shopping for food that gets wasted add a huge amount to the average weekly food spend.

I don’t eat meat; can I still do the programme?

This programme is designed for omnivores, but as many meals involve vegetable proteins, or have a choice, meat can be avoided if that is what you want to do. The same is true for vegan regimes – alternatives to non-vegan ingredients can be swapped in. If your health niggles don’t clear up, however, I’d suggest a closer look at your regime to see if what’s missing from your diet is what could be at the root of the issues.

Is this a diet?

Absolutely not! You eat 5 times a day on this programme – some find they are too full to manage 5, so miss one of the snacks. This isn’t about restriction, it’s about feeding your body the way it needs to be nourished; as a result, it lets go of weight it’s been holding on to (provided portion sizes and servings are reasonable, of course!)

I hope all your questions have been answered. If not, do drop me an email using the Contact page – I’d love to hear from you.

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Course Structure

  • The Real Food Reset eating plan and resources
  • Carbs, Proteins and Fats - What You Need to Know
  • Portions and Proportions
  • When Your Body Gets in the Way
  • Fat Burning and Fuelling Foods
  • Feed Your Hungry Mind
  • Get Moving!