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This starts your toolkit of what a balanced, healthy diet should look like, one that means reaching a happy weight, buzzing with energy, bouncing with happiness, health and vitality, plus, most importantly, never having to diet again!

Do you really need to work out an exact figure and count calories? Absolutely not. Achieving the right balance of foods makes worrying about calories a thing of the past. It’s about nutrients, not calories! 500 calories worth of greens would be huge, but 2 Mars bars……. You get the picture!

So, how many calories does your body need? That’s harder to work out. The recommended 2,000 calories a day required by the average woman is misleading, and so are the classic BMI calculations – your physiology, lifestyle, and food choices all impact on this.

Choosing nutrient-dense foods means eating less calories, giving your body everything it needs, and never, ever going hungry. It also means that the occasional higher calorie food is ok. It’s all about balance, and knowledge.