I hope everyone in the Trinity family is feeling more excited than exhausted as Christmas Day draws closer Festivities have probably well and truly started, with work parties, soirees and even our own traditional Crimbo treats piled into the weekly shop!

Keeping the calories and alcohol under control is often at the back of our minds too, with an almost inevitable resolution come January 2nd to detox or diet. It is possible though to limit the damage while still enjoying the season!

Alcohol and party snacks are two of the biggest culprits in the calorie stakes. A pound of fat consists of 3,500 extra calories than those used daily. A glass of wine or a pint of Guinness add around 180 calories, while a pint of lager hits the 250 cal mark. Single shots of vodka or gin however are only around 50 cals – topping up with tonic is far better than diet sodas packed with chemicals and additives though!

Making sure you aren’t hungry when you arrive means less temptation to pig out, plus setting a limit on how many you eat. A snack before leaving that contains lean protein and good fat will satisfy hunger and send a message of fullness to the brain – chicken breast, hummus, guacamole, with crudites and a handful of seeds is ideal. A pint of warm water will also fill you up. The same goes for snacking at home – don’t buy too many high calorie festive extras.

It’s important not to feel too deprived though – with a healthy diet and real life, there should be room for indulgence! Fill up on healthy food, and if the snack urge strikes, have seasonal treats like satsumas first, then a little of what you fancy (which as we know, always does you good!) Getting out for a walk daily not only burns calories, but ticks the box for endorphin-boosting, vitamin D-producing exercise! 

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