Jane Hutton is The Functional Foodie, with 20 years’ experience in the arenas of nutritional therapy, clinical nutrition, functional medicine, and food and environmental allergies. She is also a qualified teacher with 20 years of teaching experience.


Beyond Breast Cancer: Feeding Recovery

Find out how food supports your recovery from surgery and treatment, and which foods lessen the chance of a recurrence. Research has clearly identified a number of foods that fight breast cancer processes, and boost the immune system – you’ll find out what they are and how to incorporate them in your daily diet easily.

Having been through breast cancer myself, and helped clients through cancer recovery and treatment as a nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner, I can relate to how it feels: you want to do your best to support your body, and not want to feel the Big C hanging over your head!

This short course will arm you with the most relevant, researched knowledge, giving you the edge in the battle against cancer, and helping you feel stronger and more confident.

When you enrol on a Functional Foodie course, you have lifetime access to the course, and all updates or additions to the modules. You can also begin discussions, and interact with the community in my dedicated closed Facebook group. The first step in taking control of your health starts here!

Price: £33 (US $47 approx; AUD $68 approx)

Instructor:  Jane Hutton
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£33 (tax incl.)


The Real Food Reset



Real Food Reboot kickstart pack:

– a week’s eating plan, key recipes, a shopping list and a guide to the staple ingredients you should always have on hand, plus a load of recipes and meal ideas to kickstart your new regime. You will feel energised and motivated before you even start your first module of learning.

 Know Your Nutrition:

 – a 10 lesson video and pdf toolkit of nutrition education. Understand how what you eat affects you physically, mentally and emotionally. Learn what nutrients your body needs (and doesn’t need!) plus how to fuel it for optimum performance.

 Understand Your Hungry Mind – Changing Minds: 

– a 10 session video and pdf exploration of the psychology of how and why we eat, covering issues like triggers, neuroplasticity, cravings, and reframing. Tackle your demons, and banish them for good.

Move Your Body:

– a 10 part easy exercise routine that can be done at home. Exercise is one of the crucial pillars of real health and is proven to boost mood, weight loss and productivity. This guide will show you how to exercise quickly and easily in a few minutes each day.

 Real Food Reflections Journal resource:

– a journal is an effective way to record actions, thoughts and progress; an essential practice when changing ingrained habits. With the Real Food Reflections Journal you can keep track of the food you eat and symptoms you experience. You can also journal about your blocks, triggers and reflections throughout the programme.

Real Food Recipes Bonus:

– make establishing your new eating regime even more achievable with this extra collection of carefully chosen recipes. Selected for their supportive nutrition, easy execution and deliciousness these meals and snacks will launch you into a new way of preparing and eating nutritious food.

 An exclusive Facebook community:

– when you sign up for The Real Food Reboot, you gain access to our exclusive Facebook group of like-minded souls, undergoing the same transformation. Pop in for support, share your experiences, ask questions and offer advice, any time of day or night. I’ll be in there to help too, so you’ll be able to get bonus insights from me in the group.  


Instructor:  Jane Hutton
already started

£120 (tax incl.)