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Food, diet, nutrition, health, whatever you want to call it, our bodies (and brains) run on nutrients. Knowing what we really need is actually very simple, and yet can seem complex, especially in the current overload of information, often from less than qualified sources!

Nutrition is a science, cooking is an art, and putting those two together makes for delicious health, every day. Knowledge is power, and never more so than with how to feel truly our best selves – nourished inside and out.

Whatever your health concern, or cooking and eating dilemmas, you’ll find the answer here. Find out what you need at your own pace, and remember that all courses are yours for life, and that there are regular masterclass meet ups live where you can ask me questions. That’s free! I love learning and teaching in equal measure. When it comes to food, and to the world of nutrition, there’s always more to learn!

Available Courses


Treats & Eats: Edible Gifts

A selection of 6 recipes for easy, delicious and indulgent gifts that anyone would be thrilled to open on Christmas Day, each with a festive twist!


Reclaim Your Health Recovery Programme

Viral and Autoimmune Recovery Programme - Recovering from a severe viral infection, such as the post Covid syndrome referred to as Long Covid, a diagnosis of CFS/ME or fibromyalgia, or even regaining strength after chemotherapy, can be regarded with relief or dismay.


The Happy Brain

The brain is an incredible organ, controlling everything we do, whether we’re conscious of its workings or not. The flip side is that everything we experience, feel and do (or don’t do) affects our brain, which in turn affects our physical, mental and emotional well being.


Eat For Life

This starts your toolkit of what a balanced, healthy diet should look like, one that means reaching a happy weight, buzzing with energy, bouncing with happiness, health and vitality, plus, most importantly, never having to diet again!

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