Stressed? This time of year can create stress in a variety of ways. And all while we’re supposed to be joyful and full of goodwill!
Staying balanced and calm means keeping on top of what you eat and how you think, so follow these simple steps to start taking control:
– eat fresh food, and don’t skip meals or rely on sugary or processed snacks because you’re in a rush. Whizz up a nutrient-packed smoothie first thing (recipes in a post below) and stop for lunch. Make lots of fruit, veg and quality protein a priority for the nutrients that control stress hormones and neurotransmitters.
– check in with yourself mentally, physically and emotionally several times a day: is there tension or pain anywhere in your body? How are you feeling? Is it time to stop for food or drinks to fuel your body and brain? Take a few deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth to stop and oxygenate, then correct whatever is out of kilter (food, water, stretching out stiff muscles, reframing anxiety or frustration by letting it go, and so on)
Self-awareness is so important in stopping stress in its tracks. So is waving bye bye to perfectionism – give yourself, and others, a break from sky high expectations, especially at this time of year. When you relax, the joy and goodwill is much easier to find!

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