The sugar detox is the latest food fad creating headlines and TV progs, everywhere you look it seems. The inevitable bandwagon is rolling along predictably, gathering so many passengers that it must be in danger of toppling over. The original sugar detox guru does use sweet foods, like chocolate and rice syrup. Other ‘diets’ advocate not even eating fruit.

What’s the truth, I hear you ask? Well, the truth is simple. Refined carbs of any kind (whether it’s sugar or bread) and processed foods (whether sweet or not) aren’t healthy for a number of reasons. Eating franken-foods which tempt you into thinking they’re a better ‘low calorie’ choice because they replace sugar with chemicals isn’t healthy.

Fruit is healthy. It’s not just about calories, it’s about nutrients. Too much of anything, natural or not, can be unhealthy. Extremes are unhealthy. Removing whole food groups is unhealthy (although some individuals do need to adapt their diet, either permanently or for a period of time, which is where I come in)

Taking this, and other brain-twistingly confusing issues, apart and setting out the whole truth is what my workshops and starter packs are about. People want to know what to do (and not do!) and why, which is why I’m passionate about arming people with knowledge. There’s an awful lot of hype out there…..don’t believe it!

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