Refined sugar, empty calories, depleted foods – these are endemic in our national diets. Jamie Oliver is crusading once again (and rightly so) to highlight the awful impact of the nation’s love affair with processed food and sugar, the impact of sleepwalking into disease, and more importantly, the effect of this sleepwalking on our children. How much more money would be available in the NHS if we curtailed preventable disease by waking up to the harm the wrong foods do, and the health offered by the right foods? Watch, sign and share, for the sake of our children, and our national health service.

“Good morning guys – so today I stand in front of you 10 years on from School Dinners Campaign where WE made change happen. I’ve made a documentary called Sugar Rush about the state of our Children’s health- the insane Rise & Crippling Cost of Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, multiple tooth extractions & shocking Amputations!…. I’ve witnessed the power & effect of Sugar from big business around the world. I have no doubt I have my work cut out !!

But my worry for us all is the NHS is crumbling … Fast – and the human dramas that unfold every single day around the country never quite allow US and I mean YOU to have your voice count ….

Tonight that could change…..simply watch the Documentary then make Your voice count… I’m there for you but I NEED YOU….These are our kids……It our NHS ……let’s protect them…..Feel free to sign the petition that goes direct to David Cameron and please do repost This to your friends thank you xx Get watching channel 4 at 9 pm tonight #jamieoliver #SugarRush

Get signing: