I’m not a fan of supplements, and this is why. It’s been known in the functional medicine world for a long time – real food first, and then (and only then) add anything that’s still required, specifically, advised by a professional. The only supplements that I designed for my range are those that support specific functions rather than put imbalanced nutrient profiles into the body, and this imbalance is where the problems lie.

Too many look on supplements as magic bullets rather than seeking the specialist advice of nutritionists when they have issues that they need to resolve. It’s the worst kind of DIY. In large doses, or in combinations that we wouldn’t find in food, many nutrients can be dangerous, throwing any number of systems and processes out of whack, with potentially devastating results.

I’ve treated people with life-threatening conditions caused by popping pills and potions – it can be really serious stuff, and not something anyone can predict or even see signs of until it’s too late.

We often see these kinds of articles and assume it’s the conventional medical world or the media trying to put us off alternative medicine. This time, it’s not.

So, do yourself the ultimate favour – give supplements and magic bullets a miss, and consult a specialist. I’m sure these won’t be the only studies we see, but with cancer cell proliferation a result of these particular ones, do we really need to? Your health isn’t a DIY project, and your body definitely isn’t a wonky shelf….

Check out the story on the research into antioxidants and cancer cell proliferation here!

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