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This book has been on my mind (and on my laptop!) for a long, long time! It couldn’t be a better time to bring the art of functional food into hardback form. The return to real, fresh, local food in ways that are time and budget friendly as well as local and sustainable translates to six words that encapsulate the Functional Foodie philosophy – real food, real life, real health. It’s really as simple, and scrumptious, as that.

What Is It All About?

So, let’s start as we mean to go on, and keep it real: if we’re going to stay on top of life, maintain emotional balance, keep mentally sharp, and bounce with energy, we need to feed our bodies (and brains!) the right fuel. Not just any fuel; not empty calories, or food depleted of nutrients, or processed frankenfoods more toxic than tasty. We must feed ourselves the fuel we actually need.

Functional food is not just about the recipes and ingredients, it’s also about the impact they have on our health. The book will pass on all the advice and information you need to nourish those systems that have their own requirements, but which are also part of a holistic whole. Systems like our hormones, gut, brain, adrenals, and more, plus how these when out of balance affect our weight, our mood, our skin, our energy, and more.

So, how does that work in real, frantic, everyday life? It can, and it does, believe me! It’s what I’ve spent nearly 25 years showing people, via client work, books, courses, resources, recipe hub, media columns, work with organisations and charities, and on my social media pages. Putting it all into one book that is as visually delicious as the health and food content is an ambition I’ve had for most of those 25 years! 

What’s a Kickstarter?

So, why a Kickstarter, and what is it?? Kickstarter is a platform that sets out the project and its production costs, and offers rewards that allow people to support the project and get something tangible in return.

The risks are few – my collaborators are the tech/design and pic wizards Skim New Media who I have worked with for well over a decade as the visual gurus in my business as a functional nutritionist, writer and teacher. They have designed, created and run several websites for me (including this one), as well as filmed my video courses, done photo shoots, and produced my resources, leaflets, cards, and books to date. So, design, production and format, covered!

How Can You Get Involved?

The nitty gritty is that we have just 30 days once the project goes live to raise the amount we need to produce the book. So, if you’re thinking that you’d like to get a copy of the book, and maybe more, take a look at the rewards we have lined up!

The rewards that we have put together for this project give our pledgers not just another book on healthy food – we want them to give you a big boost when it comes to accessing the kind of information, advice and recipe collection that will create tanglible benefits for your cooking, your health and your life. On top of all that practical knowledge, this book will be as much as a feast for the eyes as it will for your stomachs!

For a book project like this, every reward level will naturally include a copy of the book. Take a peek at a selection of the fabulous rewards we have put together for you:

  • A first edition, signed copy of the book

    with a personal thank you message inside.

  • A pdf version of the book

    along with the hardback version.

  • A bundle of recipe cards

    containing a variety of recipes with their information, like the spreads you see here.

  • A free online course

    worth £120.

  • A thank you message in the credits of the book

    immortalised forever!

  • And even your own favourite recipe in a special chapter

    along with your picture and my own comment on the health benefits of your recipe (even if it is cake!).

When Is It All Kicking Off?

Keep your eye on the countdown to jump in and get the reward of your choice, as some are limited in number. You can connect with me on social media to keep up to date as well – let me know you’re supporting the project, and share the love with your networks and friends so that they can benefit too.

I’d love to hear from you, and both Skim New Media and I so appreciate your pledges and your help in getting this life’s work out into the world!

What’s so special about the art of functional food, and this book?

Here’s what previous clients and Foodies say about the Functional Foodie philosophy:

“You taught me to fuel my body, instead of feeding my hunger. Five years later I’m still grateful and sharing what I learnt from you. Thank you, Jane!”

“Thank you for another fab session, it’s given me the kick I needed after last year and the Xmas indulgence. With my Mind courses and your nutritional awesomeness I really feel like I’m getting somewhere for the first time in 10 years, it doesn’t just feel like a sticking plaster.”

“Really appreciated the learning from this morning’s workshop. I’ve already made some adjustments. Thank you!”

And, just as importantly, what they have to say about the recipes…!

“These pancakes are so delicious and easy to make. Top them with defrosted cherries, raspberries and blueberries, natural yogurt and milled flax seed then a sprinkle of toasted almonds! It feels like you are having a really indulgent breakfast, but they are so healthy.”

“I’m a big fan of your avocado chocolate mousse! I’ve fed it to many unsuspecting omnivores who have loved it……”

When we nourish ourselves properly, everything works, and it works together beautifully

How do we nourish ourselves? By eating the right food in the right way. Can anybody do it? Yes, they can! Let me show you how…..