We’ve made it to February, with spring hopefully just around the corner. I, for one, will be very happy to see more sunshine after an incredibly dreary, rainy winter. It makes me want to hibernate and reach for comfort food, so it’s lucky comfort food can still be very healthy!

To me, all good food is comfort food, so there isn’t one particular recipe I go to. There’s nothing better than poring over a luscious collection of lovely dishes to see what takes your fancy. I’ve often been asked how big my recipe collection is, and whether I’ll be compiling a cookbook to gather together my years of healthy food work.

Well, yes, a cookbook is definitely under way, but for those who’ve been asking for a way to have them in one easy-to-see place, I’m now very excited to announce that the Functional Foodie recipe hub has launched!

More than a recipe hub, the site offers health resources, targeted advice, and specialist courses to tackle the big stuff. With a free or an annual membership, there’s plenty of valuable content to help you achieve the level of health and happiness you want to enjoy.

Hop over to get a taste, without having to sign up for anything. Instead of a monthly recipe here, choose from the 12 available on the recipes page without a membership: The Functional Foodie

And here’s another gift for you – to celebrate the launch I created a free download of an ideal day’s eating (complete with recipes and shopping list) for healthy, happy deliciousness as a free gift for anyone joining the Functional Foodie family – you receive it when you subscribe or join as a member.

I’d love your feedback on the site, whether you just take a look around or join as a subscriber, as a Freebie member, or as a Foodie member. What would you like to see, either in the recipes, the resources, the Foodie advice section, or available as a course?

With a free membership option, and the full Foodie membership for even more targeted advice, monthly health bundles, resources and recipes, plus a building choice of dedicated courses and programmes to put your health back in your hands, my aim is to make this a one stop shop for delicious, actionable health and happiness!

Check it out here: The Functional Foodie