Nourish Complete


100 capsules per pot. Pre-sprouted activated barley, alfalfa, barley grass, beetroot, bilberry fruit, carrot, dandelion root, green tea leaf, kelp, lemon peel, spinach leaf, spirulina, turmeric and wheatgrass.


A Soil Association certified organic and vegan whole food supplement, stuffed with some of the most nutrient-dense ingredients that nature has to offer in one easy-to-take capsule. Nourish Complete is a herbal multi-nutrient formula with a range of greens, fruits and berries, vegetables and herbals. No poorly absorbed man-made vitamins or minerals. It is easily assimilated, as the nutrients are in their natural food form and balanced state.

100 capsules per pot

Each proprietary blend capsule provides:
Organic greens blend: *pre-sprouted activated barley, *alfalfa, *barley grass, *kelp, *spirulina, *wheatgrass
Organic fruit and berry blend: *bilberry, *lemon peel
Organic vegetable blend: *beetroot, *carrot, *spinach
Other organic ingredients: *dandelion root, *green tea leaf, *turmeric
Capsule shell: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) (not organic, vegetarian)

* Certified organic ingredients: 100% of the agricultural ingredients are produced in accordance with the rules of organic production. EU/non-EU agriculture. The herbs used in this food product are grown to the highest organic standards.

ALLERGY ADVICE: for allergens including gluten, see ingredients in bold. This product contains gluten.
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
Kosher approved.