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Post Viral, Autoimmune And Cancer Recovery Programme

There are a number of illnesses that affect our entire body, such as the post Covid syndrome (Long Covid), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME), Fibromyalgia, or cancer treatments, and finding yourself faced with managing or recovering from one of these can be regarded with relief or dismay. You may have a diagnosis, a chance to recover, and may be on the road to reclaiming your health, but you know you have a long road ahead. Taking the correct path is the key. Recovery from multi-systemic impact is a journey, but it’s one that will be a great deal shorter and less stressful when the path is clear, confusion is avoided, and the source of support and information is reliable.

This course takes you through the foundational knowledge you need to get on a truly nourishing path to recovering, strengthening and protecting your entire body (and brain), including the supplements you need, and recovery recipes that show you how to get in all the right stuff simply and effectively. It’s based not just on my professional knowledge, experience and expertise, it’s an expansion of work commissioned by the NHS for their specialist clinics. Carry on with confidence, and let’s get you on the right road to recovery!