It’s true that our size can have little to do with our health – if you’re a yo-yo dieter who has tried all the fad diets over the years (with January resolutions and approaching summers prime time for leaping for the latest diet ‘miracle’) it’s very likely that your body is totally confused. There are many, many reasons for this – as a functional food nutritionist, it’s not just what you eat that I look at. It’s the possibility of bio-individual, genetic influences, antibiotic history, previous dieting patterns, and more, examined alongside your current eating patterns and lifestyle.

If you’re slim, you’re not necessarily healthy. Some of the most disordered eaters I see are those trying so hard to be ‘healthy’, they have excluded a massive number of foods. The impact of this, without professional guidance, can be devastating further down the line.

We also can’t kid ourselves that a bit more ‘junk in the trunk’ as we get older is ok if our eating isn’t balanced. As women get older, the way we eat needs to change as much as the amount to keep excess weight off. At any age, excess weight is now one of the biggest health dangers society faces, along with diseases related to it – diabetes, heart disease, cancer, dental decay, and more.

It’s definitely time to get back to real food, cooking, sensible portions, nourishing ourselves, and a bit of good old common sense. Let’s hope 2016 sees a return to reality – real food and real health making real life happier and healthier.

Check out this article in The Guardian:

‘Obesity isn’t the half of it’ by Susie Orbach

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