Are you overwhelmed by the thousands of ‘proven diets’ out there and do not know what you should be eating?
Do you tend to reach out for food when you’re stressed, angry or sad?
Are you feeling sluggish, low of energy and unhappy with your weight?
Are you fed up and frustrated that you keep failing in your efforts to be healthier or achieve the weight loss you want?
Do you feel uncomfortable in your own skin and wish you could be more confident?

Many people are, and it’s not at all surprising. There’s so much conflicting (and downright bad) information out there, especially regarding weight loss. I call it your happy weight, because we all have a weight we were born to be. With natural, nutrient-rich food, allied to the right portion sizes and a balanced outlook, you’ll reach that happy weight.

There IS one more aspect though – how you think. Our mind and emotions have such a huge impact on our food choices and eating habits, impacting directly on our weight, health and our confidence. This is why the psychology of eating is a must-have element of how i help people wanting to lose weight and change their lives, health and body image into the bargain.

A friend of mine, Marion (who is a wonderful proponent of sophrology) and I have collaborated to run workshops on this very subject – we formed the Mind Body Connection, uniting nutrition and sophrology to tackle health, weight, stress and anxiety via workshop days, fast tracking participants by arming them with the tools to really get to grips with what’s holding them back in mind, body and spirit.

Revolutionary approach, but entirely common sense! Check out the events page if you live in Devon to attend one of the days in June and July. We’ll hit London with it too later in the year. Maybe a webinar or download would be interesting for those not near Devon or London. If you’d like to see it, let us know!

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