You might think the green juice thing is a bit off-putting for a number of reasons, but there’s nothing easier or more refreshing than cucumber and mint in a smoothie made for a summer’s day, for breakfast or a cooling snack.

Peel a whole cucumber, cut small chunks straight into a smoothie maker or blender, add a helping of natural yogurt, and finally tear in a hefty handful of fresh mint leaves. Whizz up and adjust to taste – more mint, a splash of water or more yogurt, even a touch of Himalayan salt or some pepper – til you get the taste and consistency you like.

Cucumbers aren’t too fibrous, making them perfect for blending rather than juicing, plus you get the benefits of the whole cucumber and its fibre. Fantastic for hydration, minerals, and vitamins, but also great for water retention, skin and digestion, to say nothing of weight loss – smoothies like this are low calorie but filling, to say nothing of highly nutritious. Whizz, slurp and enjoy! ;-]

Looking forward to leading the smoothie masterclass at The Mind Body Connection workshop on June 14th – so many smoothie delights to teach (and taste!)