Personal Supplement Prescription



Are you getting enough of the right stuff? I’m talking about nutrients. And why should you be thinking about that? Surely we just need to supplement to make sure our nutrient levels are as good as they could be. It’s as easy as popping a few pills, right? Wrong!

Research is bearing out that we can have too much of a good thing. The body is made to eat seasonal food in particular quantities. Some nutrients are stored, some need to be ingested daily, and all work synergistically to allow every organ, system, and even cell, to function efficiently. That balance can be upset by too little nutrition, but it can also be sent right out of whack by too much.

Taking nutrients in isolation, in random formulas and combinations, or taking lots of different formulas at once can overload the body, and put it into such a state of confusion that vital processes are interfered with. 

The impact can be actively damaging, from inconvenient (albeit painful) issues like kidney stones to health problems that are far harder to reverse, if it’s possible at all. That might sound drastic, but it’s important to realise that the body is just the same as a car or a pet – both need what they need, and no more, or problems can occur. 

So, how do you know what’s missing, if anything? How do you know what you need? Let a professional tell you! I developed the Personal Supplement Prescription to be exactly that – your personal supplement needs, as recommended by me once I’ve cast my professional nutritionist eyes over the information I ask you to send me about your diet, your medical history and your profiles. 

When you order, I’ll send you the document that I need completed, and once you return it, I’ll compile my report into the gaps in your nutrient status and the supplements you truly need and send it straight to your inbox. 

Enjoy healthy peace of mind and a healthier body as well as a healthier wallet!


P.S. If you do need to supplement, do it in a body-friendly way, in food form, and from organic ingredients – check out the Functional Foodie supplement range for the best in proper supplementation.

P.P.S. While supplements can be good insurance, they aren’t as good as real food when it comes to feeding body and brain fully. After all, there are nutrients we haven’t even discovered yet! You can learn everything you need to know about nutrition and how to cook in easy, tasty, time and budget-friendly ways with my range of courses. 

Online, and in your own time, you can still enjoy community and live sessions with me when you learn the Foodie way! 


T&Cs: While my courses, reports and programmes are very comprehensive, with a history of success and plenty of testimonials to back them up, I cannot guarantee your results. Your success will be due to more than just the purchase – it will also be impacted by how you put the recommendations and information into action, and by other factors unknown to me, such as medication or health issues that could be affecting your health or weight. By purchasing, you accept that your results cannot be guaranteed. Programmes and courses are also non-refundable for the same reasons. Reports and consultation work also fall under this caveat, while supplements are obviously refundable only if faulty. Your statutory rights are not affected.

For any questions regarding your needs and goals, product or service suitability, or problems, do get in touch!


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