What do you really need to keep your immune system strong from season to season? Well, enough of everything, to stay really balanced and healthy, but some nutrients play pivotal roles in our health, and zinc is one of them.

Zinc is one of the most important nutrients in immunity and healthy weight, so to keep yourself looking and feeling healthy, make sure you get enough. It’s depleted by stress, and needs to work with copper (1 mg of copper for every 10 mgs of zinc) 15 mg is the recommended RDA for men, 12 mg for women, and 100 g of steak will give you 10 mgs of this. Low immunity and stress means a little more (from food sources) won’t go amiss.

To up your intake, eat meat (especially red), nuts, seeds, spinach, mushrooms, and even good quality chocolate/cocoa (in moderation, of course, for healthy weight!) Balance with copper-rich foods – nuts, seeds and cocoa/chocolate contain both zinc and copper – like sesame products, herbs and liver products.